Drum force is a web store where you can buy Original sounds for the Drumit5 modul!
We have been a part of the 2box family since 2009 when we designed a lot of the sounds for the modul Drumit5.
Our first release would be a Kit called 24K Gold Live and it is Included when you buy the new Drumit5 MkII modul.
Old owners can buy it as a Download here when the modul is released (29Euro).
We are soon releasing 2 more Kits and a lot of cool add ons!
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Welcome from Jouni Niemi And Urban Näsvall

Sizes and facts: It is a Xshell Kit with extreme low pitch, timbre matched to perfection.

23″ kick with the Woofer extension. Heads:Remos Ebony Powerstroke 3 batter, DW vent front

8″10″12″14″16″18 toms with Remo ambassador coated batter and ambassador clear bottom

14” Titanium Snare with 1mm shell. very tight and lots of bottom. Heads: Ambassadeur coated top and ambassador clear bottom:


18” 20” crash 20” Ozone, Ride Hotride 21” , hats 16” lights.

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